Get Involved

We are currently seeking coaches for the Minnesota ICE Basketball program!
If you’d like to coach, please review our Code of Ethics below, then complete the application. Thank you for your interest and support!

Code of Ethics


As a coach for the Minnesota ICE Basketball program, I promise to set a good example for my team at all times. I will demonstrate and promote good sportsmanship in every aspect of the sport, use appropriate language at all times, and will encourage positive attitudes by using constructive criticism.

Equal Opportunity

I will provide all team members equal opportunity to learn and experience the sport regardless of their age, race, gender, disabilities, orientation, or income status.

Safety 1st

I will consider the safety of all participants to be the top priority of the program, followed by good sportsmanship and fair play. I will remember that the program is designed for youth and not adults, as a fun, rewarding, and educational experience, with emphasis placed on absorbing the fundamentals of basketball.